Hospital Policies

Please view our policies for surgical procedures, overnight stays, and after-hour emergencies.

Pre-Surgical Policy

Aspen View Veterinary Hospital requires all surgical patients be placed on IV (intravenous) fluids during their anesthetic procedure. This helps maintain their blood pressure since each individual is affected differently by different anesthesia types. It also helps minimize any compromise to your pet’s liver or kidneys, since they are the two organs that process the anesthesia. Your pet must have had a physical exam with our veterinarian within the last 6 months – we can do same-day physicals. Preanesthetic labwork testing is completed to inform us of your pet’s kidney and liver functions. It could change our anesthetic protocols or even delay surgery, if necessary. All of our anesthetic patients should have food withheld from 10:00 pm the night before the surgery. It is okay to allow your pet to have water until he/she is brought to Aspen View Veterinary Hospital the morning of surgery. We request your pet be admitted between 7:00 am and 7:30 am, allowing us time to prep for surgery (i.e. give pre-anesthetic injections to calm them and control pain, and prepping the surgical site), perform surgery, and for the patient to be fully recovered for when you pick, typically between 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm.

Overnight Patients

We do not have overnight staffing but ensure our patients are comfortable with a blanket, pain medications (when necessary), food, water, and sometimes soothing music. If our patients are critical and need 24-hour observation we will assist you in transferring them to Animal Emergency Care Clinic. For most of our overnight surgeries, your pet is better to rest in quiet to assist in recovery. For hospitalized ill patients we do come in (whether it be the doctor or technician) once or twice between the hours of 7:00 pm and 7:00 am, to make sure they receive their needed antibiotic injections and they are receiving their needed fluid therapy. We encourage our clients to visit their pets during normal hours when an extended hospitalization is necessary.

After-Hours Emergency Policy

Visit Animal ER Care Centers / 719-260-7141 or Powers Pet Emergency / 719-473-0482.